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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

16" Circle Y Reiner

2005 model.  Has a 16" seat, a QHB and 7.5" gullet with flare.  Built on the Durahide tree (Fibreglass wrapped wood) cutaway skirting and weighs 29lbs.  Skirt length is 27".  Border tooling, soft leather and it's been well taken care of.  Asking $1250 shipped

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Crates 2345-4 Show

Lovely, unique and nearly new.  This Crates saddle was purchased brand spanking new, owner still has tags and information that came with it!  16" seat, Quarter horse bar with the equi-fit tree.  6 5/8" gullet with flare.  Light oil, fully tooled and gorgeous silver.  Cutaway skirting too.  Asking $2099 shipped and Includes a Big D saddle bag!

Monday, July 31, 2017

16.5" Wenger Ranch

Custom ordered with the 16.5-17" seat, QHB and 7.5" gullet.  Light oil, slick seat and border tooling.  Hardly used for years.  Just purchased by current owner and it's not fitting!  So back up for sale.  Asking $2150 shipped

17.5" Dressage

17.5 Santa Cruz Platinum Diana with Adjustable tree that can be fitted.  Comes with all fittings including Herm Sprenger stirrups, a show pad, girth, leathers and custom made stirrup covers.  Also a dust cover and carrying bag.  Asking $1699 shipped

Saturday, July 22, 2017

15.5" Reinsman Reiner

Endorsed by Clinician Brian Bell.  These are a unique model that don't come up too frequently in a 15.5" seat.  Clean, in good used condition.  QHB and 6 3/4" gullet that flares to about 7.5".  Rough out jockeys and fenders.  Asking $1799 shipped obo

Saturday, July 8, 2017

16" Ranch Versatility by Circle G

Well broken in and ready to ride all day on the back 40.  This 16" saddle built by Garroutte is well made, stout and can handle anything you can throw it, in style and comfort.  FQHB, 7" gullet with amazing flare for those shoulders.  Cutaway skirting, wrapped horn, and back cinch.  Asking $1599 shipped

Thursday, July 6, 2017

SR Endurance!

SR stands for Steve Ray.  He's an awesome guy and makes superb quality saddles. These saddles are custom made for horse and rider.  This saddle was  built for a very low-withered, flat-backed horse. It has a 15" seat, which is comparable to 15.5 in western.  It weighs 17 lbs!!!!  It's all gorgeous leather! Serial/saddle #979.  It has "floating dressage billets" which is a patented feature the maker created himself and is coveted.  For more information about this maker and his amazing saddles please visit www.srsaddleco.com.  This saddle has seen very little use, is like new.  Retail is over $3300. Also included is the Skito pad!  Asking $1999 shipped