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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big Horn Gaited

You can see just how well taken care of this saddle is.  Right away you notice the Round 25 1/2" skirting and basketweave tooling.  Has a super padded 17" seat (that will fit a bit smaller due to this) and 4" cantle.  Built on the Steele Gaited tree this saddle has a ton of flare at about 8.25" on a Wool felt lined gullet.  Lots of rings to hang your  and I also love the 3 way rigging!  Asking $1299 shipped

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Billy Cook Pro Reiner

This 9602 Pro reiner was built in Sulphur OK by the original Billy Cook.  It has a 16" slick seat, Quarter horse bar and flared gullet.  Usually measures around 7.75"-8" concho to concho.  This flare allows excellent movement for thicker shouldered horses.  Billy Cooks tends to fit wider but are a good fit for most horses.  This saddle has basketweave tooling, cutaway skirting and silver.  It's in wonderul used condition and shows limited signs of use as you can see!  Asking $1350 shipped

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dale Chavez Working Cow

Current owner has never used.  Got it through a trade deal.  Boy, she's missing out!  16.5" to the stitching on the nicely padded pigskin seat.  FQHB and 7.5" gullet concho to concho.  These saddles tend to fit wider.  Light oil, FULLY tooled.  Cutaway skirting.  Hand built! Asking $1699 shipped

17" Martin All Purpose

This incredible saddle has maybe seen a dozen rides.  It's been sitting more then anything.  Still Squeaks!  Leather is immaculate.  Dark chocolately brown slick seat measures 17" to the stitching.  FQHB and flared gullet at 8".  I've put drafts and beefier qh's in this saddle.  Sadly, doesn't fit the Haflinger it was intended for.  Back cinch (with hoofpick holder!) and new string cinch included.  These Models are getting harder to find as they are no longer made.  They were built for true versatility.  Trails, Cutting, reining, cowhorse, arena, and even LIGHT roping.  Asking $1799 shipped

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

15.5" Billy Cook Barrel

The 1/2 size saddles tend to be a bit trickier to track down.  This saddle measures 15.5" to the stitching.  Built by Billy Cook Original out of Sulphur OK.  Model 1527.  Full single skirting with basketweave tooling, added back cinch!  QHB and 7.75" gullet concho to concho.  Billy Cook's tend to fit wider horses.  Asking $1099 shipped

Monday, October 17, 2016

Synergist Endurance

Ride all day in comfort and style in this Synergist Endurance saddle. 15.5" sheepskin seat, 7 inch gullet, 22" in length and weighing 21 lbs this saddle will provide both horse and rider with ultimate comfort. Free swinging leg panels and wide stirrup bases allow for relief on knees and ankles. This high quality saddle is yours for $1199.00 shipped!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hereford Balanced Ride

Hereford Tex Tan Genuine Balanced Ride with a 14.5" slick seat, QHB and a 6.5" gullet. The fenders are specially
designed to be free moving which gives additional comfort and stability to the rider. These Balanced Ride saddles are collectable saddles as well as very usable. Has the original leather covered stirrups. Gash in the right fender has been professionally repaired by Mark Denny's saddle shop in Williams Lake. The leather is super soft. Asking $550 shipped